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Exterior Lights Our exterior Wallpacks and Versa Lights put light right where you need it. This is done without trapping light in the fixture or creating any light pollution. All while providing a clear, fresh looking light for enhanced visibility and safety. Read the Full Story
RPDU The RPDU is a high-density power distribution system, designed to provide manageable and flexible power to multiple racks in a computer room.
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Interior Lights Replacement LED light engines for 2 or 4 foot T8 fixtures, providing a cost-effective solution while allowing existing aesthetics to be maintained.
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Street lights Interchangeable and adjustable modular design. If a failure occurs the module or driver can be changed with out removing the fixture.
Maximizes the Heat Spreader Technology™ with plenty of unobstructed air flow.
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Millennium 2000 Technologies is an industry leader in regards to innovative and industry-changing products for the solar and wind energy industry, LED lighting solutions, Uninterruptible Power Supply systems and other related power equipment. The Company operates under several patents and patent pending technologies. New advancements in solar and wind technology will be announced in 2011.

LED Lighting

We provide factory direct, industrial high power LED lighting with top of the line technology and drivers. Applications include building security, parking lots/garages, roadways, bridges, high-bay/low-bay, commercial, with quick-turn customization for specific applications or retrofits to existing facilities.

Power Distribution

By working closely with critical power engineering firms, and studying requirements of MIS and IT departments, we have witnessed many problems in the area of power distribution. Most of which, is the result of utilizing 20 year old distribution methods for new and advanced MIS and IT equipment. MTTI is continuously developing break through designs, which will elevate power distribution in data centers to a new and unparalleled level.

Alternative Energy

Coming soon. Revolutionary new products that will change the way we harness the power of the sun and wind to generate energy…

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